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We use innovative, purpose-designed products to ensure that all bolting operations, will be carried out efficiently and safely. Our well-trained crews will ensure that correct bolt loads are achieved and not just applied. We pride ourselves in providing an unrivaled quality of service and value for money. Hydraulic bolt torqueing is the more familiar technique for the prevention of leaks in bolted assemblies such as pipe flanges. Given the wide range of sizes and specifications, it is important to choose the right tool and the right application. The hydraulic torque wrench is simple to use, and sometimes the only practical tool ... but it does have speed and accuracy limitations. It is the varying friction between the threads of the stud and the nut, and between the nut face and the flange, that causes inconsistencies between the applied force and the residual bolt load. Surface finish, lubrication, and material type, all change the effects of friction..